About Us

Isla Pacifika is a Polynesian dance group based in Chicago. Our goal is to share the art and heritage of polynesian dancing through live entertainment and class instruction. Our instructors were trained in the Polynesian Islands and teach both hula and Tahitian dancing, as well as Tahitian drumming. Our hula and Tahitian dance classes offer more than a basic dance lesson. We also teach you the culture behind the dances, giving you a better understanding of polynesian dancing and the pacific islands.

Our OhanaAngel and Carol

Isla Pacifika is truly an ohana. Our family consists of several families joined together to share our love for the Polynesian culture. Our ohana is run by a husband and wife team – Angel and Carol Paras. Angel, our instructor, is from Guam and has been performing Polynesian dancing from a very young age. He has danced competitively and professionally around the world. Carol runs everything “behind the scenes” by making costumes and accessories along with dancing and teaching newcomers. They love to share their knowledge and experience with all of us.

Our family just keeps growing! Many of our dancers have joined on their own. After a little while, they develop an appreciation and love for the culture and can’t help but share their enthusiasm with their friends and family. Our dancers and musicians include siblings, cousins, daughters, sons, aunties and spouses. We always invite friends and family to join in on the fun.

Take a peak at Isla Pacifika in action

Isla Pacifika Polynesian Dance Group